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Current Challenges and Innovations in Nursing and Healthcare
- World Nursing 2018

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It is a great pleasure and an honour to extend our warm invitation to attend the “International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare” (World Nursing 2018). World Nursing 2018 will be held in Barcelona, Spain during August 02-03, 2018. The conference will focus on Current Challenges and Innovations in Nursing and Medical Education

The benefits of this large-scale collaborative meeting include broader content areas, efficiency in meeting attendance and costs for delegates and trade partners, a more diverse variety of sessions, and increased attendees. Our scientific program includes invited plenary presentations, symposia and seminars, meet-the-professor sessions, basic and clinical abstract presentations, young investigator awards, and interactive poster sessions.

Why to Attend?

The meeting will provide many opportunities to network and discuss science and medicine, ensure equity of opportunity, find new funding and research opportunities, and build collaborations and contacts with international colleagues. We are sure that you will find this to be a truly exciting meeting presenting both the breadth and depth of clinical and basic research.  Trade partners will have exposure to more areas of specialities in Nursing and Medical Education. World Class Speakers and Fresh New Talent from across the Globe in Health Industry gathering this world congress.

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Welcome Message

Allied Academies invites all the participants from all over the world to attend "International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare”, on August 02-03, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain which includes prompt keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations, sponsors and exhibitions.

Allied Academics Publication is an amalgamation of several esteemed academic and scientific associations known for promoting scientific temperament. Established in the year 1997, the conferences provide a global platform for the attendees to showcase their research and services in front of many key players in the field.

We are a globally recognized and trusted organization to provide unique scientific and business services through our Journals and we are expanding the functionality of our International conferences.


Nursing Education

The interest for nurse educators is high on the grounds that by and by there is a setback of authorized medical attendant instructors over the world. The greatest number of medical attendant instructors work for 1 to 5 years in nursing colleges and have usually fulfilled the requirements to winding up a qualified medical caretaker, winning a graduate in nursing, generally, one that places an emphasis on the nursing guideline. A medical attendant instructor gets ready authorized common-sense attendants and enrolled medical caretakers for section into clinical practice. They can likewise instruct in different patient care settings to give keeping nursing training to authorized nursing staff. Medical attendant Educators helps nursing understudies for Continuing Nursing Education. Medical caretaker Educators instructors for Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) levels, along these lines get ready nursing understudies into attendants, nurture teachers, nurture overseers, nurture scientists, and nursing pioneers are drafted. Attendant teachers from around the country utilize motivational educating frameworks that assistance nursing understudies to learn and thrive, regardless of whether in school, in office in-benefit programs or in the clinical setting. From the current records, it was discovered that from nursing foundation around 1,534,400 CNA, 738,400 LPN, 2,711,500 RN and 151,400 APRN are rehearsed in USA.


Healthcare refers to diagnosis, treatment and prevention from diseases and disorders. It provides complete mental and physical impairment to patients. It is of different types like primary, secondary. Different countries spends different amount of their GBP for their healthcare. They have their own policies in healthcare management. Healthcare systems provide the health needs to people of different regions.

Cardiology (heart) Nursing

Cardiac nursing is a nursing speciality that works with patients who experience the ill effects of different states of the cardiovascular framework. Cardiovascular attendants help regard conditions, for example, temperamental angina, cardiomyopathy, coronary supply route malady, congestive heart disappointment, myocardial localized necrosis and heart dysrhythmia under the course of a cardiologist.

Heart medical attendants perform postoperative care on a surgical unit, stretch test assessments, cardiovascular checking, vascular observing, and wellbeing evaluations. Heart medical caretakers must have Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support accreditation. Also, heart attendants must have particular abilities including electrocardiogram checking, defibrillation, and drug organization by persistent intravenous dribble.

Heart attendants work in a wide range of situations, including coronary care units (CCU), cardiovascular catheterization, serious care units (ICU), working theatres, cardiovascular restoration focuses, clinical research, heart surgery wards, cardiovascular concentrated care units (CVICU), and heart medicinal wards.


Oncology Nursing

It is often said that nurses are the heart of health care. The field of oncology nursing, in particular, is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding fields of nursing. For those with cancer, oncology nurses are the ones who are there for us during our most difficult and intimate moments in life, the ones at our bedside, educating us, encouraging us. They are also the ones behind the scenes, communicating with our doctors, coordinating our care and keeping us safe. An oncology nurse is a nursing professional who specializes in caring for people with cancer. Oncology nurses often serve as your first line of communication and help coordinate the many aspects of your care throughout cancer treatment.


Paediatric Nursing

An outline disseminated in "Nursing," a specialist nursing journal, found staff orderlies averaging $59,700 in 2011. Charge orderlies, RNs responsible for mending focus units, earned right around 7 percent more, at an ordinary of $63,700 a year. In time, charge specialists may get the opportunity to be therapeutic orderly chiefs, who direct and start diverse chaperons. In 2011, pay touched base at the midpoint of at $67,900 for this part. Chaperons working in paediatrics tend to acquire not precisely other unit sorts. Pay for chaperones in paediatric units found the centre estimation of at $54,300 a year, as demonstrated by the 2011 " Nursing" review.

Youth overweight and weight and pointless thickness are where wealth muscle to fat proportion proportions conflictingly impacts an adolescent's prosperity. Reasons for corpulence centre muscle to fat proportion proportions clearly are difficult; the finding of superfluous plumpness is consistently predicated on BMI. As a result of the raising inescapability of pointless portliness in children and its various adversarial prosperity cholestasis, it is being apperceived as a true broad prosperity concern. Adolescence stoutness with adolescents and youth is the extent of approaches to managing to redirect, distinguishing or treating juvenile people's prosperity and well. The term youthful and adolescent people are frequently used on the other hand, like the terms Adolescent Health and Youth Health.


Geriatric Nursing

Geriatric Nursing is the speciality of nursing pertaining to older adults. Gerontological nurses work in collaboration with older adults, their families, and communities to support healthy aging, maximum functioning, and quality of life. The branch of nursing concerned with the care of the older population, including promotion of healthy aging as well as prevention, assessment, and management of physiological, pathological, psychological, economic, and sociological problems.

Midwifery Nursing and Pregnancy

The Nurse-Midwifery/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (NM/WHNP) program is designed to prepare registered nurses to manage a woman’s normal obstetrical and gynaecological needs during the childbearing years, manage the care of the normal newborn, and provide primary care to women throughout the lifespan. Midwifery practice has undergone remarkable changes over the last 75 years. In the early part of the 20th century, the only place midwives could attend births was at home. Later, the hospital became virtually the only place in which midwives could attend births, and there was a great debate among the midwifery community in the 1970s about the safety of homebirth.

Midwives are well-suited to care for healthy women who expect to have a normal birth. They provide prenatal care, care during labour and birth, and care for the birth. Midwives attend births in many hospitals throughout the United States, and they attend most of the births that take place in out-of-hospital birth centres and homes.


Diabetes Education Nursing

A diabetes nurse helps patients that have diabetes, a disease that prevents the body from producing or absorbing enough insulin. Since much of their job is spent relaying important information between patients, doctors, and family members, a diabetes nurse’s greatest asset is their ability to communicate. Many Diabetes Nurses become advocates for diabetes awareness and go on to become diabetes educators.


Legal Nursing

A Legal Nurse Consultant is medical part of a legal team. These nurses serve as the medical expert in legal cases, helping attorneys and other legal professionals interpret records and charts, understand medical terminology and consult with them on healthcare-related topics. As a Legal Nurse Consultant, you can also work with insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinics and government agencies, either as an employee or on a contractual basis. Your nursing background could be anything from emergency to hospital administration, working in private practices or community clinics. This varied experience is part of what makes you an invaluable asset during legal cases. A legal nurse consultant is an experienced professional in the nursing industry that is qualified to work as a legal consultant on medical cases. Nurse legal consultants may be current or former practicing nurses. The main purpose of legal nurse consultants is to help law professionals understand and process legal information. They work to help bridge the gap between the fields of medicine and law. Not only are they experts in practical medicine, but they also usually have a firm grasp on the legal aspects of medicine and the healthcare industry. Legal nurse consulting is a relatively new field, which started around the 1980s. Since then, legal nurse consultants have aided law professionals in everything from medical fraud cases to criminal cases.

Dental Nursing

Oral growth or mouth disease is a sort of head and neck malignancy is any carcinogenic tissue amplification situated in the oral pit. It may emerge as an essential injury starting in any of the tissues in the mouth, by metastasis from a removed site of inchoation, or by augmentation from a neighbouring anatomic structure, for example, the nasal allergy. On the other hand, the oral tumours may begin in any of the tissues of the mouth, and may be of differed histologic sorts: Teratoma, adenocarcinoma got from a noteworthy or minor salivary organ, lymphoma from tonsillar or other lymphatic tissue, or melanoma from the colour inciting cells of the oral mucosa. Corrective dentistry is by and large used to allude to any dental work that improves the appearance (however not irreplaceably the capacity) of a man's teeth, gums and/or nibble. Numerous dental practitioners allude to themselves as "restorative dental specialists" paying little respect to their solid illumination, forte, preparing, and involvement in this field. Anomalies and bacterial infections are in the distinctive feeling of something going amiss from the everyday or varying from the normal, is a subjectively characterized behavioural trademark, allocated to those with recherché or useless conditions. Comportment is viewed as unpredictable when it is atypical, out of the commonplace, causes a disability, or comprises of undesirable deportment. This section in several Nursing Conferences and Nursing Meetings addresses basic and current concepts of oral health, Cosmetic dentistry, Paediatric dentistry, new research and innovations in dental science.

Forensic Nursing

A forensic nurse is a nurse who provides specialized care for patients who are victims and/or perpetrators of trauma (both intentional and unintentional).  Forensic Nurses are NURSES first and foremost. However, the specialized role of forensic nurses goes far beyond medical care; forensic nurses also have a specialized knowledge of the legal system and skills in injury identification, evaluation and documentation.  After attending to a patient’s immediate medical needs, a forensic nurse often collects evidence, provides medical testimony in court, and consults with legal authorities. Victims of violence and abuse require care from a health professional who is trained to treat the trauma associated with the wrong that has been done to them—be it sexual assault, intimate partner violence, neglect, or other forms of intentional injury. Forensic nurses are also a critical resource for anti-violence efforts. They collect evidence and give testimony that can be used in a court of law to apprehend or prosecute perpetrators who commit violent and abusive acts. 

Surgical Nursing

A surgical nurse, also referred to as a theatre nurse or scrub nurse, specializes in preoperative care, providing care to patients before, during and after surgery. To become a theatre nurse, Registered Nurses or Enrolled Nurses must complete extra training. There are different speciality areas that theatre nurses can focus in depending on which areas they are interested in. Medical-surgical nursing is the single largest nursing speciality in the United States. Registered nurses in this speciality practice primarily on hospital units and care for adult patients who are acutely ill with a wide variety of medical problems and diseases or are recovering from surgery.


Role in Patient Safety

Patient Safety is characterized as "the quest for the lessening and moderation of perilous acts inside the medicinal services framework, and the utilization of best practices appeared to prompt to ideal patient results." There are various aspects of patient security and emergency risk management and it's imperative that everybody required inpatient wellbeing including patients and their families and as well as social insurance experts, know about the issues, relief procedures and best practices for guaranteeing persistent security for everybody.

Critical Care and Emergency

Critical Care Nurses use their specialized skills as well as their in-depth knowledge of the human body and the latest technology in the field, to make sure that all critically ill patients get optimal care for their illnesses and injuries. They are specialized in treating adults, children and babies. Emergency nurses are endowed with specific knowledge, skills and attributes to provide care to critically ill or unstable patients and their families. They are well prepared to tackle life-threating problems and complex situations in extreme environments. Their activities are carried out in a variety of settings and not necessarily in an emergency room.

Women Health

Women health nursing is an about Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP), is a nurse who is specialized in advanced education and clinical experience in women's health care. The nurses’ delivery comprehensive health care to women throughout the lifespan, with an emphasis on reproductive and gynecologic health needs. A WHNP individual takes on leadership roles as primary care providers for women and provides focused care in areas like prenatal and postpartum care, lifespan care through menopause, general wellness and preventive care, reproductive health care, etc.

Adult Nursing

An important aspect of nurses is to get the trust and confidence of each patient in improving their quality of life. The Adult nurses care for adult patients who are suffering from a variety of health conditions, ranging from minor injuries and ailments to acute and long-term illnesses and diseases. Promoting good health and well-being through education and awareness on certain topics such as diabetes, weight loss and quitting smoking. They will work within a multidisciplinary team but will in the main point of contact for patients, often providing the most continuity of care.

Telemedicine and e-health

It holds in the full spectrum of advances and clinical applications of telemedicine and management of electronic health records, by using telecommunications and information technologies. Special emphasis on the outcome and impact of telemedicine on the quality, cost-effectiveness, and access to healthcare is administered. It offers timely coverage of the advances in technology that offer practitioners, medical centres, and hospitals new and innovative options for managing patient care, electronic records, and medical billing. It has coverage over clinical telemedicine practice, technical advances, medical connectivity, enabling technologies, education, health policy and regulation, etc.

Market Analysis

  • Top Societies and Association around the World:


    ·        European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN)

    ·        European specialist Nurses Organisations (ESN)

    ·        European Transcultural Nursing Association (ETNA)

    ·        European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations (EfCCNa)

    ·        European Operating Room Nurses Associations (EORNA)

    ·        National Council of State Boards of Nursing

    ·        Queen’s Nursing Society

    ·        Philippine Nurses Association

    ·        American Nurses Association

    ·        Canadian Nurses Association

    ·        Japanese Nursing Association

    ·        Nursing Association of Japan

    ·        Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom

    ·        Nursing & Midwifery Council United

    ·        CyNMA - Cyprus Nurses and Midwives Association

    ·        Pakistan Nursing Councils and Associations in U.K

    ·        American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

    ·         American Psychiatric Nurses Association


Market Analysis for Nursing 

Increase in the number of professionals job for nursing staff was 4.98% over 2007-2009. The mean rate of people assigned for each nursing professions were 1624. The statistics for number of nurses on per 1000 population were 5.2 in 2012 and 3.6 in 2000. 73% funded from public sources and 9.4% of GDP was accounted for total health spending in Spain, 2011. There are 12 funding organization for nursing in Spain. There are 10 number hospitals in Barcelona, 804 hospitals in Spain and 315 National Health System hospitals. There was gradual increase in the nursing care and funding from past 5 years.


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